Accidental Santa Phone Lines Start Ringing
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By KEYT Reporter
December 20, 2011
What started as a wrong number has turned into what’s been called the busiest hotline to Santa Claus in America. Goleta resident John Dickson bought the phone number 1-800-Santa Barbara in 2006 and found out it’s one digit off from 1-800- Santa Claus. The phone began ringing around Christmas and little kids were on the other end with long lists of gifts. They apparently dialed his number by mistake since the numbers were so close.
So he named it the “Accidental Santa” line. The now famous hotline has been featured on many network shows including CNN, and the story has been published on the front page of the Santa Barbara News-Press and the Los Angeles Times.
Now, Dickson and many volunteers have a bank of phones ringing between noon and eight daily this week with calls from kids looking for Santa.
If you want your child to dial up the Accidental Santa, the number is: 1-800-726-8222