Hero of the Game

Hero of the Game (2006)

First & Ten

First and Ten (2007)

Iron Boy

Iron Boy (2008)

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Jody Nelson has produced three award-winning short films: Hero of the Game, First & Ten, and Iron Boy. All three films were created when she was a student at Santa Barbara City College and have screened at the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo International Film Festivals. First and Ten also screened at the San Diego Luna Film Festival.

Fond memories of playing sports in elementary school combined with Nelson’s physical education background helped her create these films. The short comedy, Hero of the Game investigates the playground’s most epic sport, Handball. She wanted to give this popular childhood game an epic quality, while reflecting its culture and natural lingo. Audiences may not know that on playgrounds across America, handball is not just a recess activity, but also a way of life. Yet many young and old folk can relate to the challenges of this schoolyard obsession.

As a female athlete, Nelson is aware of the discrimination in Women’s athletics. First and Ten tells the story of 10-year-old Suzanne Fiske, the first girl to play YFL football in the 1970’s-A true pioneer for girls and women’s sports. Iron Boy reveals the drive and dedication involved in the sport of Triathlon and the challenges one boy faces as one of the youngest and most successful triathletes in the world.

Nelson hopes these films inspire viewers to follow their dreams and know that they can reach them and feel good about accomplishing their goals.

Her current project focuses on a local controversial, iconic roadside attraction, Santa Claus Lane.